Cheese Boards

The Classic Paddleboard

Whether you simply like the harder, darker finish of the acacia wood board with its food friendly qualities or other features, this board makes an attractive gift. Add your company logo and present in a Gourmet Pilgrim gift box for a wholistic gifting solution to say that special ‘THANKYOU’.

These boards measures 52 cm wide by 20 cm high.

Acacia wood from a unique tree!

The acacia used in production of Gourmet Pilgrim cheeseboards is known for its durability and resistance to water damage. Useful antibacterial properties of acacia hardwood render these boards extremely suitable for food uses, plus the waterproof nature of the wood means the boards will not warp from water damage.

The timber for cheese boards is grown in sustainable plantations and harvested by pruning branches from the trees. This in turn encourages strong growth with the trees often reaching 20 – 30 m in height before felling, typically for use in high-end furniture.