Culinary Travel

Love exploring? Love food? Love culture? Here is your answer! All in a book.

Wind your way down coastlines & through country roads to discover the cellar doors, the state’s best produce with signature recipes from the best chefs or uncover a states cuisine from north to south.

From the hidden laneway bars to elusive fine dining restaurants featured by beautiful photography in these hardback volumes. This book will do more than delight the eyes.

A coffee table book full of fabulous photography and comprehensive venue profiles. It’s perfect as a guide for the next weekend away. This will be a well-accepted gift!

A great series – choose your region;

  • Flavours of NSW
  • Flavours of Sydney
  • Flavours of Urban Sydney
  • Flavours of Tasmania
  • Speciality Coffee NSW
  • Speciality Coffee Melbourne
  • Flavours of Hong Kong