Specialty Coffee Melbourne

$39.00 each

Speciality Coffee Melbourne hardcovered book. Presented in a black gift box with magnetic clousure.

Our culinary travel books are sold in groups of 4.

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Coffee: the Monday morning saviour, the Friday night pick me up and the most important part of the weekend.

A passion, addiction and even religion for many, this blessed bean has a complex history, diverse present & bright future, all explored in this stunning, pictorial guide. Follow the coffee beans, journey from crop to cup before tasting at any number of the cafes and roasters featured within these pages.

Learn about different flavours, origins and brewing and roasting methods. Dive deep into the movements behind your morning’s latte, tracking beans from origin to your local cafe’s grinder. The more you read, see, taste and feel, the more you’ll come to learn about the humble elixir. There’s a world of experiences out there to discover – where better to start than Melbourne?

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